about me

My painterly world.

Inspiration from experiences and impressions from surroundings is fundamental when starting my intuitive work.

The process is a chase for the unexplored; always seeking to discover something new and exciting. The tangible and figurative is not important in the process.

Depth and good atmospheres for colour and light is something I work to achieve. Always striving to find the intersection where the light and fragile meets strength and power. It’s important that the elements unite and communicate, creating tension without bursting.

Without providing guidelines for peoples’ opinions about the paintings, I hope I can stimulate their imagination and curiosity.

Colours, planes, movements, flows, rhythms. The sky with gauzy clouds floating past. Ripples in the water, the stream, the power. The marbling of the stone. Contrasts between the hard, cold and the beautiful, fragile. Colours in nature and its optimum palette. The organic creating wonderful compositions. Constantly something new appears for inspiration, which I bring in to my painterly world.

Synøve Dyrkorn


Synøve Dyrkorn

Born and raised in Oslo, studied at Nydalen School of Arts.
She started an introductory course in 2008 and later completed a 2-year degree in Visual Arts (2009-2011).
Dyrkorn has been supervised by Kari Mette Wik and attended courses with Helle Kaarem. She has always experimented with shapes and colours, jewellery design, furniture upholstering, painting and sewing.